It’s installation time! You are just one step away from reaping the light- heat- and privacy-controlling benefits of the Mecho/5 Roller Shade.

Your shade comes with all necessary screws and brackets, but you’ll want to have a drill and a pencil handy. Refer to the installation instructions to guide you through a seamless installation process!

Mecho Cartoon

Installation Tips:ceilingandwallmounts

  • Mark in pencil where you are installing the brackets to ensure that they are properly aligned and level with one another.
  • Ceiling Mounted Brackets – Place these brackets so that they are square to the window and level to each other.
  • Wall Mounted Brackets – All-mount angles are required for this application. They attach to the top flange of the Mecho/5 Brackets. Brackets must be level and aligned.
  • Jamb Mounted Shades – Drill two rivets from the brackets to facilitate round-head counter-sunk mounting screws. Make sure the brackets are square to the window and properly aligned and level to each other.


Once you’ve got the brackets installed, you can move on to make any adjustments or install any accessories you ordered with the shade, such as the chain retainer or fascia and endcaps.

It is recommended that you clean your ShadeCloth once a year to maintain optimal functionality, or spot-clean as necessary. ShadeCloth is replaceable as necessary. Brackets require no maintenance.

See the Installation Instructions PDF for full detail on installing your Mecho/5 shade!