How to Choose Your Mecho Shade Model!

How to Choose Your Mecho Shade Model!

Mecho V Shades

The original, comes with a manual chain and heavy duty hardware. Mecho V Shades also have an all steel clutch and is the best roller shades available on the market!

Electro Shade System

The motorized version of Mecho shades and is available in very large sizes. When you’re shopping for sunscreen shades or sheer weave shades, understand that the clutch is key. Electro Shades offer a significant amount of modern convenience. operate your shade up and down with the simple push of a button.

Selecting Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is woven and comes in different weaves which offer more or less openess. The more open the weave, the more you can see out, but you lose control of glare and heat. The Darker the fabric the more you can see but it reduces heat control. We recommend Mecho Series 1300 which at 5% openess is the perfect combination for view and heat/glare control. (See photos showing view with different color fabrics)

  • 700 – Blackout – 0% Openness
  • 900 – Translucent – 1% Openness
  • 1000 – Dense Vertical Weave – 2 1/2% Openness
  • 1300 – Dense Basket Weave – 5% Openness

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