Yearly Archives: 2015

5 Reasons Why We Love Mecho Shades!

Unique Fascia System: Mecho V Roller Shades have the best fascia system out there, seriously. Clean, crisp, this application is very desirable in commercial environments; it brightens up the space and will a positive impression on your clients. Longevity: When you closely look at the internal components of these roller shades, you’ll see that they are built to last and withstand the test of time. Dependable, long lasting, what more could you ask for with your window treatments? Motorization: In-home automation [...]

How to Choose Your Mecho Shade Model!

Mecho V Shades The original, comes with a manual chain and heavy duty hardware. Mecho V Shades also have an all steel clutch and is the best roller shades available on the market! Electro Shade System The motorized version of Mecho shades and is available in very large sizes. When you're shopping for sunscreen shades or sheer weave shades, understand that the clutch is key. Electro Shades offer a significant amount of modern convenience. operate your shade up and down with the [...]

Guide for Selecting Cloth Density for Mecho Shades

Trying to decide what cloth density you want for your Mecho Shades? Take a look at the images below, as you can see the that the greater the percent the shade is, the more visibility it allows into your home. To learn more about Mecho Shades, reach out a project member on the Sheer Shads team today. Light Shade Cloth - Reflects Light but Decreases View Shade on the left is 1% open, shade in the middle is 3% open and [...]